The Charity I See at Charity Silent Auction (Or, How Mr. X Taught Us a Lesson in Compassion)

I don’t like to jot down about gain public sale decoration ideas. If it would not make you money, I’m much less willing to spend time instructing you on it.

And rarely do auction decorations make you cash.

But the various volunteers in your gain public sale Silent Auction Donation Request committees love speaking approximately decor, don’t they?

They get excited planning the colours… Thinking about the centerpieces… Taking into consideration methods to contain amusing factors. It pains me that your budget for the decor can also grow out of control.

(Don’t forget that it’s so a whole lot smarter to spend your budget on more vital factors with a purpose to make you money, which includes a top-notch benefit auctioneer.)

Sadly, I’d additionally be inclined to bet that it’s miles lots less complicated to get volunteers to enroll in the decor committee than to join the procurement or acquisitions group!

So all that stated, here’s an public sale decor idea that is low priced and stylish: over-sized balloons!

You would possibly equate balloons as some thing suitable for a kid’s celebration, however now not a advantage auction.

Or you may do not forget balloons suitable for a college auction, however no longer a nonprofit gala.

Think once more. That is probably real of the typical eleven” sized balloon, however whilst you begin the usage of over-sized balloons that measure 3′ and 4′ huge, the tale modifications.

Over-sized balloons packed with helium will lend an air of class to your gala.

They can be used within the silent auction to draw attention to precise tables (assume blue balloons for the blue section, and yellow balloons for the yellow phase), and located inside the ballroom to beautifully fill a big area.

Additionally, if you have an exceedingly excessive ceiling inside the ballroom, larger balloons will visually create a “dropped ceiling” effect so one can make the space sense extra intimate.

As with most kinds of balloons, the helium may begin to wane in some of the balloons by means of night time’s end, however maximum will live up, floating serenely above your visitors and searching first rate. At the galas I’ve labored, these larger balloons appeared to have an elegant, calming effect.

Balloons are more low cost than many other types of decor and they appearance beautiful. For your money, over-sized balloons do an high-quality process of creating a visually attractive advantage auction.